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Some Important Information

Entry is allowed up to 15 minutes before closing and your ticket is personal and not transferable.

You will be given a badge with your barcode which you can present to any institution you are interested.

Exhibitor Badge Scanners

As you have registered to attend this BMI’s fair as a visitor, your information will also be associated with a barcode that will be supplied to you via a badge to gain entry. With your permission, during the course of a fair, this barcode can be scanned to share your information with schools, universities and other institutions. These third parties may retain your information to contact you in the future. BMI have no responsibility or liability for how you share your information with third parties, neither with the information they might send to you.

Any requests to unsubscribe, stop receiving or change of email preferences from any of these third parties must be done directly with them, and not with BMI.

If you do not want to give your contact details to an exhibitor, then do not allow them to scan your badge at the event.

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